1. Does ITCS doing ISO Tanks servicing adhere to ITCO standards (ACC) ?
      At ITCS Dubai, provides you with highest quality of service with automated cleaning and drying system for ISO TANKS, Road tankers, IBC’s & steel totes around the clock with ITCO acceptable container Condition.
    2. How is doing the waste water treatment from Tank cleaning.
    3. We are doing the reprocessing of waste water in our RAK refineries. That means 100% Environment friendly towards the Green Earth Idea
    4. How long does it usually take to clean a typical tank or container?
    5. Each cleaning process varies depending on the nature of the product being cleaned, the condition of the product when it arrives at one of our locations and the interior condition of the tank itself. Some products are relatively easy to clean and may only require water and/or steam to clean. Other products may require more complicated processes to get the interior completely clean. In general, a typical clean will take about 24 hours to complete from the time it is in the cleaning station to the final check and completion.
    6. What will you use to clean the tank or container?
      At ITCS-Dubai has a variety of cleaning processes and methods. The process used to clean a tank depends on the type of container, characteristics of the last product contained in the tank and what will be loaded into it next. It could be a simple detergent clean to a more complicated process involving chemical agents applied to the tank interior followed by timed wash cycle, water rinse, and hand labor, if necessary.
    7. How much will it cost to clean my tank or container?
      The cost for cleaning varies by regional location and the product to be cleaned. Each cleaning process has a base price plus any additional services required. Volume based discounted pricing is available if you qualify. Ask you ITCS Depot Manager for more information, email sunilkumar@itcs.ae or +97156 777 2432
    8. How do I know if you can clean the last product in my tank or container?
      ITCS is the most experienced tank and container cleaning company in the UAE. With over 12,000 proprietary formulations, most of our locations are capable of cleaning a vast variety of products. This extensive library is an integral part of every cleaning and ensures your tank or container is cleaned in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner. To be certain that a particular location is capable of cleaning the product, please supply the MSDS/SDS sheet associated with the last load to the ITCS Depot Manager...
    9. Where is the ITCS Located?
      Now we are located very close to the Jebel Ali Port near Dubai Industrial Park. 
    10. Do you offer special cleaning needs such as Latex & Resins?
      Yes, we have latex & Resin cleaning. For a detailed list of services offered, please contact Depot Manager
    11. In addition to tank cleaning, do you do maintenance, testing and repairs?
      Yes, ITCS to provide you with all the necessary services including tank, IBC, ISO cleaning, testing, repair and maintenance, trucking and management.
    12. What type of IBCs does ITCS clean and are there any products you cannot clean?
      ITCS cleans all types of IBCs including stainless steel, carbon steel, rotationally molded poly and composite poly. ITCS has few product limitations, but to ensure cleaning capabilities, please supply an MSDS/SDS sheet associated with the product to the Depot Manger. The MSDS/SDS will be reviewed and matched to the most effective and safe cleaning formulation available.
    13. Does ITCS offer IBC DOT/UN retesting?
      Yes, ITCS offers both 2.5 year periodic retesting and 5 year thickness testing witness
    14. How do I report an issue or question?
      At ITCS we strive to provide superior service and a quality experience every time we have the privilege to serve you. If we ever fail to deliver on our promise, we ask that you please let us know so we can continue to improve the service we provide. To report an issue, please contact Depot manager +97156 777 2432